About us

As a church we belong to both the Baptist Union and the United Reformed Church (URC). However, the backgrounds of our members include Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, URC, Church of Scotland, and Roman Catholic.

The church was formed in 1983 when the former Wendover Baptist Church and Wendover URC decided to merge. Shortly afterwards the new church fellowship was invited to share premises with St. Anne’s Roman Catholic church and we continue to do so.  Click here for more about our history.

Wendover Free Church is proud to be part of Churches Together in Wendover with our friends at St. Anne’s (RC) and St. Mary’s (Anglican). This relationship was formalised in 2000 by a Covenant confirming the churches’ commitment to one another. During the year we hold some services and other activities together.

We hold church meetings bi-monthly and they are open to all who attend our church regardless of whether or not they are members. The meetings are an opportunity to contribute to the decisions that affect the church and to keep up to date with the church family.

We offer both infant and believers’ baptism as well as infant dedication. We are also able to conduct marriages and funerals. Contact our minister or secretary for more information.