First time in Church?

First time in Church?

First of all, you are very welcome here! Being welcome means you can come as you are. You don’t have to dress or act in a particular way, or ever have been inside a church before. Part of what makes Wendover Free Church is that we come from many different traditions. Because of God’s love for everyone, we welcome all.

But what if I don’t believe in God?

If people weren’t allowed to come to church unless they already believed in God then it would be very difficult for anyone to find out more about what we’re about. Why not join us for a and see what you think? It’s absolutely fine to ask questions, and no question is too silly or embarrassing to ask. You could ask the person you sit next to, or someone you chat to over coffee afterwards. But don’t be surprised if you get different answers! We don’t necessarily agree with each other all the time, but we find these discussions help us to grow in our faith.

Where can I sit?

Anywhere you like! You are welcome to sit where you are most comfortable.

What actually happens in a service?

Services at Wendover Free Church are made up of a mixture of hymns and songs, prayers, times for reflection, and a sermon lasting 15-20 minutes. Once a month we have all-age worship which is an informal service where we aim to learn together through discussions, songs and prayers We also have a communion service once a month where we share bread and wine. You are welcome to participate, or if you would prefer to just sit quietly and observe. The service is followed by tea and coffee in the Christian Centre to which everyone is welcome.

Can I bring my children?

Yes children are very welcome.  We may not always have many children and young people in Church on a Sunday morning (although it’s a different story at Messy Church!) but we always make provision for them, either in their own session (J-Team) or all together. 

How accessible is Wendover Free Church?

Step-free access to the building is available and there are also accessible toilets. There are wheelchair spaces in the worship area. There is a hearing loop in the church. Large-print copies of the bible and the hymn books are available.

Who can I get in touch with to find out more?

You can contact us via the contact page here or you can contact our minister Remco at; he would be very happy to buy you a coffee and have a chat!