Worship Resources

On this page you will find a number of worship resources for anyone to access and use.

Sunday Worship:

Please find below the worship together sheets we use together on Sunday morning. If you do them on your own at home we would encourage you to use them at 10.45am on Sunday morning so that we can do them together.

Click here to find the words to the service and the songs on a webpage.
Please do let us know how you get on with the sheets and how we can improve them.

The service which is based on the sheets will be streamed live from the church building. We use Facebook live to stream our time together. It will be lovely to see you there if you can join in.

Click here on Sunday morning to join us on Facebook.

If the stream doesn’t work or you can’t access it through the video above please go to our Facebook page. Click here to go to our Facebook live page.

There are a number of websites that share links to churches that make their services available online through recordings or live streaming.
Amersham Free Church
Gold Hill Baptist Church
URC worshipping digitally
These are just a few churches locally. There are many more who offer this service.

Morning prayer:
Now is the time to pray if any, and those who have been doing morning prayer are committed to continue to do this. Please join us if you can in praying at 9am each morning. You can find the CofE daily prayer services here. Daily prayer service: and select Morning Prayer (Contemporary)
There is also a daily prayer app that you can download for your phone or tablet and it will automatically load the correct day and prayer.