Food Bank

Churches Together in  Wendover have become part of the Chiltern foodbank scheme (see for more details). It is coordinated by St Mary’s Chesham. All food is donated by the public and sorted by volunteers. Frontline care professionals (doctors, social workers) identify people in crisis, who receive three days of non-perishable food. Foodbanks also try to make time to chat and signpost clients to other helpful services.
There are various ways in which we can help:
Donate food. We will collect donations on the first Sunday of each month. Non-perishable items are needed and the Chiltern Foodbank website home page shows items that are in short supply and a link to a shopping list (
Donate money to meet operating costs.

Volunteer to help in one of several ways.

Tell others and encourage others to volunteer and let those in need know how the scheme can help.

Pray – make the scheme and those in need a subject of prayer.

Please ask John Shaw for details of how to volunteer or donate money.  John can be contacted at or on 01296 625769.

The Wendover Distribution centre of the Chiltern Foodbank is open every Tuesday from 10am to 12noon. If you know someone in need of help in this way get them to contact one of the referral partners (details can be found at so that a voucher for the food can be issued. Alternatively phone the Wenover Distribution Centre help line on 07926 099199.